CosCon Cosplay Calendar Creation

Interested in being part of a really cool cosplay calendar that will also help fund CosCon, another cool cosplay event? Then here is the place! 

Submissions are open from now until July 31st. Those selected for the calendar will be notified by the end of August. We expect to have the calendars printed shortly after and delivered in the December/January time frame. 

Under the Cosplay Tag section on the sign up form, be sure to put whatever you want to be addressed as with your picture. This is what will be printed on the calendar so we want to make sure we address you all correctly. We will send out proofs the best we can but we may not catch everything. 

We ask that all parties involved get the correct permissions. This means that we ask for proof of photographer consent in order to use their images as per copyright laws. All you need is a simple screenshot of them giving permission or a photo release form can be uploaded as well. If we do not have all the proper permissions, your submission can not be considered for the calendar. 

To verify you’ve read all the rules, the code is 5567.

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