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Vendors, and Dealers, and Artists! Oh, My!

This list will just keep on growing – and quite frankly, we love it.

    • Rubber City Cosplay
    • Heroes Alliance, Ohio
    • Super Heroes to Kids In Ohio
    • Ghostbusters Cleveland
    • USS Challenger: Cleveland Chapter of The International Federation of Trekkers (IFT)
    • Akron Comicon
    • Oddmall/Con on The Cob
    • The Mummy and The Monkey
    • Visions of Grandeur
    • Athena’s Gems
    • Oliver Urdaneta
    • Jestertastic Creations
    • Tara’s Tasty Treats
    • The Charming Beetle Boutique
    • Naiad Novelties
    • Duvall cards
    • Silver Moon Embroidery
    • Lady of Rohan Creations
    • Cosplay Registration
    • Ohio Star Wars Groups
    • Purrsnicketea
    • 3Cat Collectibles
    • Fire Rose Studios
    • Pleasantly Strange

Gonna be Hungry During the Convention? How about Food Trucks?

  • Food Truck: Stray Dog Cafe
  • Food Truck: Pinky Fresh Brew, LLC
  • Food Truck: Metro45 Cafe
  • Food Truck: The Fry Guys
  • Food Truck: EOD Food Trailer
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