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The 2024 Sponsors of CosCon!

We cannot create this convention with out the amazing help of the following sponsors.

If you want your business to be seen, and heard at this event, then, this is the opportunity for you! We offer four (4) sponsorship packages for your business.  Or, if you want to be recognized for helping support an amazing endeavor, then, please consider clicking one of the following links.

Premium Sponsorship
Gold Sponsorship
Silver Sponsorship
Bronze Sponsorship
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Meet Our Sponsors:

The Tangent-Bound Media Network
Skillful Hill Archery
USS Challenger: Cleveland Chapter of The
International Federation of Trekkers (IFT)
Con on the Cob
Achieve Credit Union


If you still want to help us but do not want to become a sponsor, you can help us by donating any amount
by either clicking the button below, or scanning the QR code on your screen.

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