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Volunteer positions available are:

  • Attendance and Ticket Sales (x 2)
  • Advance Attendance (x 1)
  • Information (x 4)
  • Food Runners (x 2)
  • Floaters and Booth Watchers (x 3)

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Attendance and Ticket Sales: sell admission and hand out wrist bands.
  • Advance Attendance: Check receipts of advance ticket attendees and hand out wrist bands
  • Information: Hand out programs and answer questions about panels, cosplay judging, where something is, etc.
  • Food Runners: Walk the vendor hall take orders and payments, go get the food and bring it back to the person ordering (along with their change – honesty is required).
  • Floaters and Booth Watchers: Walk around the vendor hall and see if anyone needs a quick break – offering to watch their booth(s).

Keep in mind that this is an honorable position and we require honorable volunteers.  We cannot stress enough how much we are using the honor system here.  If you ruin your honor, you ruin it for everyone.

If you are seriously interested, please fill out the form below.

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