It’s Getting Closer!

As we get closer to the date – while still a little ways off, we need to start thinking about accommodating vendors/exhibitors/Cosplay Groups and, of course, the fellow attendess.

It is our wish that we create a memorable experience for everyone.  And, in doing so would like to address a few concerns and put forth our code of conduct and ethics.

As this is and will be an ever changing and growning convention, so will be this code of conduct. We reserve the right to review and change/update the code of conduct based on experiences at our convention or as participants have reported from other like conventions. As always, we do this for your safety and security.

Other important things to know:

  • When is the convention?
    • -Saturday, May 11th 2024 From 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Why is it only one day?
    • -As this is a first year convention, we are still trying to understand the ins and outs of creating a successful convention. And until we can grow to that point that it will sustain multiple days, we want ot make sure that we can make this one as successful and as memorable as possible.
  • What does it cost to get in the door?
    • -$10! that’s right. 10 bucks (for adults). Children 8-12 are only $5 and Children 7 and under are FREE! Because, again, this is only a first year convention.
  • Will there be panels?
    • -Yep. We are working on that. They will be published closer to the date.
  • I run a small business (Or, I’m just generous) and I want to sponsor your event. Can I do that?
  • I can’t afford to sponsor the event, but can I make a donation of an amount of my choosing?
  • Will it be family friendly?
    • -Yes. We are working hard to ensure that everyone has a safe and family friendly environment to come and express their creativity and love of fandoms.

Lastly, if you are a costumer, a prop builder, a cosplay group, or a jewelry maker and interested in obtaining a booth, or are a food truck, and want to park your truck at our event for the day, we would love to have you.  Go here and reserve your space, now.

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