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We need volunteers to help keep the show running. Become a member of our volunteer staff, today!

Sign up to volunteer and earn a free “volunteer staff” badge.

Volunteer positions available are:

  • Attendance and Ticket Sales (x 2)
  • Advance Attendance (x 1)
  • Information (x 4)
  • Food Runners (x 2)
  • Floaters and Booth Watchers (x 3)

For more information, click right here.  Not there —-> (x).

You can sign up to volunteer for This year, next year, or for life!

What does that do for you?  I mean, aside from free entry to the newest convention in Ohio?  It gets you the honor of saying that you volunteer to make a difference in people’s lives.  That you stand up to Tyranny, Truth, Justice and…

Ok, so, maybe not so glorious, but you do get in for free, and you get a fun title like, floater, or bobber (fishing joke).  You could become permanent volunteer staff, and work your way up in the ranks – and get the opportunity to have first pick of job duties for future events.

So, if you’re interested in volunteering, we’re happy to have you.

Just fill out this volunteer form, over here.  Remember, not there —->(x).

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