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CosCon is Northeast Ohio’s newest celebration dedicated to the art of cosplay and costume making. CosCon is made possible thanks to the revitalization efforts of the Historic Grafton School, continuing its tradition of inviting people from all walks of life to engage with, and lea

rn from each other.

CosCon is for cosplayers looking to expand their skills in cospl

ay creation, those lookingto show off their latest creations, and aspiring individuals looking to begin their journey in the cosplay family.

When is this glorious event happening?  Saturday, May 11th 2024!
Why is it happening?  We didn’t see one happening anywhere else, at this time – so, we figured why the heck not?

As this is our first year, we are going to be working out the bugs, kinks, and frustrations.  We want you to know that we are working very hard to create a memorable experience for everyone.

Everything we do, is for the cosplay community. We will not tolerate hazing, shaming, or any kind of intolerant behavior.  This is a family friendly event that respects all vendors, attendees, and cosplayers, alike.  We reserve the right to remove any individual that does not respect others.

Layout (click oin the image for a larger view):

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